[NAFEX] Zone 6 & Asian persimmon - lowest minimum temperaturesurvived? Cultivar?

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Mon Jan 10 17:52:26 EST 2011

Funny thing is my little slice of the frozen north here doesn't get as badly
hit by those unseasonal warm-spells followed by the bitter cold.  I had very
little die back from the Great Easter Freeze because most of my plants were
still pretty dormant.  I did have a sweet autumn clematis that suffered so
greatly that it never recovered!  (which is shocking given that plant's
vigor)  The kiwi that it had been fighting had some burned tips, but no
lasting damage. 

The Kaki Persimmon I have (Ichi Ke Kei Jiro) was unfazed that year.  In fact
I think that might have been the year it bloomed (but didn't set fruit) for


"The great Easter Freeze of 2007 killed 10 out of 12 'cold hardy' kaki
cultivars I had, most of them 4-8 inches in diameter.  The two that
survived unscathed are 'Hira Tanenashi' and 'Sung Hui', only because
neither had broken dormancy.  We ate and sold many fruits from these
two trees this fall, until Christmas.  Three nights of +19, 24 and 27
F killed the other 10 'cold hardy' cultivars to the ground.  In the
mountains of Korea, I observed huge, old kaki trees at Buddhist
temples.  So it's "not always how cold it gets, but how/when it get's
cold", especially for some of these Asian plants we try to grow in the
eastern US."

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