[NAFEX] Zone 6 & Asian persimmon - lowest minimum temperaturesurvived? Cultivar?

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I have an Ichi Ke Kei Jiro from edible landscaping that is going on its 4th
or 5th year(?)  I haven't had too much die back, except for the year that
the tree was damaged by neighborhood kids.  Its about 7  or so feet tall and
has not yet given me any fruit.  It did bloom 2-3 flowers a couple years
ago, but that is it.  

I'm in SE Michigan in a weird little microclimate formed by a large lake.
Geographically I'm north of Canada and generally my winters are low zone 7
to high zone 6.  (last winter's coldest was 3 I believe)  So far this winter
we've had one night where it dipped to 6.  


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I have been growing kakis for 8 years in 6b/7a Maryland and the lowest they
took has been -2F.  I have not had any problem with spring freezes, just the
standard lack of hardiness which I observe by the amount of dieback in the
spring.  Spring freezes seem to be more a problem further inland and are not
as big an issue in MD and NJ.  The worst year I had was two years ago when
my Hachiya nearly died, it lost 2/3 of its branches.  That year was not the
year of the coldest temperature, I think +2F was the coldest it got that
winter, but the overall amount of cold and wind was apparently worse.
Hachiya is not very hardy and it probably should have died by now.  So Steve
I'm not exactly answering your question but I don't think spring freezes are
our main problem, its just severity of the cold and wind.  I have found all
of my varieties completely hardy except Hachiya so I don't have much to add
on varieties.  I have half a dozen of the Wye varieties since they are known
hardy on
  the eastern shore of Maryland.  One fruited this year, Aizu Michirazu, and
I was impressed with the flavor.


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