[NAFEX] Apple varieties for mid-coastal Maine

sam bucus samm_bucus at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 9 22:58:11 EST 2011

My family and I will be moving this spring to Penobscot, Maine in Hancock County, zone 5 on the Blue Hill Peninsula in mid-coast Maine a cool temperate area with high humidity/foggy climate due to its proximity to the ocean. We would like to plant a small orchard, maybe 12 standard trees, of primarily apples. We would love a few dessert and fall apple varieties for immediate eating, but also want a lot of storage apples for winter and the next spring, winter cider making, cooking, etc. 
I am aware of Fedco Trees, and that is where we will be getting our trees I reckon. I have read their catalogue, but am seeking advice on what apples may, or may not suit our area. The reason I am concerned is that we are very close to the ocean, under a mile to the back of a long cove/inlet (Bagaduce), the summer is cool and the climate is generally humid/foggy so I am particularly worried about susceptibility to scab and other diseases. The soil is silty loam at the surface with a high (4.1%) organic matter content, moving to silty clay at about 65 inches, pH 5.8. 
Can anyone recommend some varieties that we can manage organically that will be able to handle the humidity and disease pressures? 

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