[NAFEX] delaying bloom

Martha Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 3 12:44:09 EST 2011

My main issue for delaying bloom is apricots.  It is much easier to plan
ahead for that, than to accomplish it after the trees are planted.  The
traditional location for apricots in this area is to plant them on the north
or northeast side of a building or evergreen tree, due to some delay of
bloom.  In addition plant something with high chill requirements ( here if
possible 1000 hours)  high heat requirement after the chill is satisfied
before blooming and general late blooming.  I think the mulch over frozen
ground would make some difference, but air temps seem to be a major factor
here.  We often get a week of 70ties in Feb ad go back to the teens and
twenties for a month.  Lots of fluctuating temperatures.  I have a lot of
different kinds of apricots top worked on my trees to try and identify
varieties that will work here.  So far many grafts are just starting to be
big enough to give me some data. In a few years I'll know something.  This
last year the bloom season was late enough that a partially leafed out
willow provided some protection from radiative frost and I had good fruit on
half of my earliest tree.

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