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Mulberry as a deer fence? Our local deer considered our mulberry tree to be a delicacy, so we had to put a fence around it. I'm sure they''d just consider a row of mulberries to be a candy coating around the garden if I tried to use it as a deer fence.

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I like Mulberry as it grows very fast, can be whacked down to get bushy, feeds birds and other bug eaters, and reproduces FAST.  Plus my goats love to eat it, so prunings double as feed.  No particular variety...just what was growing wild here on the farm.


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Hello Addicts;


I think it's a great idea to plant trees around the orchard for a deer fence and a wind break, and for beneficial insects to live.

Some trees should be avoided for various reasons. They are:


Apples:  Harbor apple pests

Cedar:   Cedar apple rust

Pears:   Fireblight

Hawthorne: Harbor apple pests

Walnut: Plant 50' away or more; allelopathic roots

Oak:  too slow

Plums: Harbor apple pests


Furthermore... the biggest expense in putting up my fence was Posts. Buying, digging, planting them.

The wire is fairly cheap. Trees instead of posts would have been Super if I'd planned ahead.


If you decide to make a fence of any of these (minus walnut) you need to spray them all.

I'm using Hybrid Willow in zone 4 and Siberian Elm in zone 6. No spray.


Please add your Worst and Best border trees to this email so we can share the info.



R A Murphy Jr

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