[NAFEX] Scion Storage

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Fri Feb 25 19:33:35 EST 2011

Hello Graftopheliacs!
In my short horticultural lifetime, I have cut / saved / grafted scions only once; 6 for 6 success last year.
I cut 18" cuttings of Jonafree apple, but cut them down to 4" at grafting time.
I did use some slightly damp paper towels at the basal end, mostly to keep the sticks from poking through the Glad Wrap.
I wrapped the bundle of sticks in Glad wrap as you would for a sub sandwich.
Did this 3 times over, put elastics on the bundle, and chucked them in the fridge. immediately!
3 months later, I grafted these sticks, and a couple of my fingers, to a Wolf River, Yellow Transparent, and seedling stocks.
All took 100%
I suppose if you're really worried about fungus, a dusting of Captan right before wrapping will help, because that is what seeds get treated with to keep mold away.
BTW the damp paper towels came out just as damp as when they were wrapped, supporting Mr. Bunker's claim of it being unnecessary.
But it doesn't hurt; be clean!

R A Murphy Jr


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