[NAFEX] Pawpaw sources and uses

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Thanks for your input Richard.  I would just add that the best tasting 
pawpaws I've had are Neal Peterson's.  Shame they are so hard to get. 
Hector Black, zone 6 middle tn
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> Amy,
> Hidden Springs Nursery (NAFEX members) in Cookeville, TN, have a
> selection of pawpaws that work in the SE US.  Worth planting for the
> history, as our largest native fruit, and one that sustained DeSoto
> and Lewis&Clark expeditions.  And worth eating for the nearly 5%
> protein, and the heart-healthy fats therein.  Good source of calories
> on a tree.  We get $1 each for them at market, more for large ones.
> Once they begin to ripen, we try to pick them individually before they
> hit the ground.  Unless they land in a fresh cowpie, they damage on
> impact.  Very easy to graft, so you could plant one tree in the yard
> and add more cultivars to it.
> We freeze the pulp (mush in, mush out upon thawing).  Can be used in
> popsicle molds or ice cube trays for frozen snacks in summer, good if
> the fresh texture puts one off.  We use thawed pulp for mikshakes,
> yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, as goes well with milk.  Sub pawpaw pulp
> for bananas in bread recipes, or for pumpkin in pie recipes.  Custard
> pies particularly good, as pawpaws are a member of the tropical
> 'custard apple' family.  Frozen custard pies again attractive if fresh
> pawpaw texture is an issue.
> Dried, the fruit carmelizes and much of the aromatic esters escape, so
> that's my least favorite use.
> Others please chime in with your favorites.
> Richard Moyer,  SW VA
> Finishing lunch of strawberry or muscadine jam on toast, applesauce
> and dried pecan halves on the side.
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>>I realize that is almost a contradiction in terms, in my opinion, but 
>>may know more.
>>Husband is stubbornly insisting on planting a couple.. in the YARD and not
>>down in the woods where I had hoped to put them.
>>They are very ornamental, I will give them that, but they certainly won't 
>>where I have to walk frequently..
>>any preferences out there as to superior cultivars?
>>any idea of WHAT to do with them, when they start hitting the ground??
>>NC Z8
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