[NAFEX] Black Beauty Sour Cherry

Richard D Hansen rdhans01 at louisville.edu
Wed Feb 23 18:14:05 EST 2011

I finally got the problem solved so I can post to this list. Otherwise I
have been lurking for some time.
Several years ago I got a Sour Cherry from Jung's nursery when I lived
in Urbana, IL (zone 5a, I think).  It was too large to move when I did
so I had no choice but to leave it there. The new owners cut part of it
down but I was able to get quite a bit of scionwood.  It was a really
beautiful tree with a nice round shaped canopy about 12 feet high and
spectacular in the spring. It had very dark juice and flesh and was semi
sweet.   I have contacted someone to do some custom grafting, since I do
not know how to graft yet.  I do not know how easy it is to graft at
this time of year or what is the preferred rootstock.  I would be happy
to share the scionwood with anyone interested.  It would be nice to keep
this cherry perpetuated. 
Richard Hansen
Louisville, KY
Zone 6b

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