[NAFEX] Crab apple scion wood

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Sat Feb 19 21:57:23 EST 2011

Dear group,

Last summer at the annual NAFEX meeting, one of the field stops was at my 
persimmon & pawpaw orchard. As they rode the wagon past an apple tree 
extremely loaded with small red apples they asked what variety?  It is a seedling 
that has been here for maybe 15 years and I was planning to cut it down. Just 
before they placed the lunching rope around my neck I promised to save it a 
few more years. I now have scion wood available for those that wanted it, 
or anybody else. Here is a brief description.

Except for years with late hard frosts it bears heavily every year. They 
turn deep red starting Sept and remain usually until November. Fireblight 
hasn't been a huge problem, I'd say from memory very little. I didn't notice 
dead limbs today when cutting scion wood. The fruits are about 1 inch in dia. 
and I'd think would be about the right size for pickling. They are eatable, a 
little puckery, from the tree. Today I had trouble getting good wood that 
wasn't loaded with fruiting spurs. It does sucker badly and but even the 
suckers have spurs so couldn't get good wood from them either.  David Osborn, 
NAFEX member plans to propagate it for wildlife.  

I now have wood, most smaller than pencil dia. Most of last years growth 
bigger than 1/4 inch are loaded with fruit spurs. It is first come first 
served for the best wood. Each stick should be good for at least three grafts. 
All I ask is reimburse the postage. Send me your mailing address and the 
number of pieces you want.  



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