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There shouldn't be a problem in letting wild grapes grow near your cultivated ones.  If a wild vine was very sick, I'd get rid of it, but, in general, the wild grapes will be far healthier than the cultivated.

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>Background:  70+ years ago, my great-grandfather had about 100-150 Concord grape vines that he hired some Italians to take care of.   When they became too old and gave the house to my grandparents, they stopped growing the grapes.  
> Today, there are a few wild grapes growing in two locations, one about 50 feet from that original location, and the other maybe ~5000 feet away.   This year, I am planting five other varieties of grapes on the original location.  A relative of mine just passed away, but he mentioned that he wanted to bring those grapes back to grow for himself.
>  My questions:  I assume I don't want wild grapes growing too close to non-wild grapes?  So should I cut down these wild grapes?  But as a tribute I would like to get a couple of vines of these original grapes back into non-wild status.  Is this possible, and is there a best way I should go about this?
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