[NAFEX] restoring wild grapes

mike engle speigletown at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 19:34:52 EST 2011

Background:  70+ years ago, my great-grandfather had about 100-150 Concord grape vines that he hired some Italians to take care of.   When they became too old and gave the house to my grandparents, they stopped growing the grapes.  
 Today, there are a few wild grapes growing in two locations, one about 50 feet from that original location, and the other maybe ~5000 feet away.   This year, I am planting five other varieties of grapes on the original location.  A relative of mine just passed away, but he mentioned that he wanted to bring those grapes back to grow for himself.
  My questions:  I assume I don't want wild grapes growing too close to non-wild grapes?  So should I cut down these wild grapes?  But as a tribute I would like to get a couple of vines of these original grapes back into non-wild status.  Is this possible, and is there a best way I should go about this?

Michael Engle
Troy, NY - 5


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