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"Hardy how far north, do you know?"

I don't know. This was on the Truffle tree site.

           The French black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), the truffle    
           species most widely and successfully cultivated, needs a      
           climate without extreme summer heat or extreme winter cold.   
           The truffles begin to form in the soil during the summer      
           when they are vulnerable to damage from high soil             
           temperatures and dry conditions. The truffles mature          
           between December and the end of February when they can be     
           damaged if the soil freezes around them.                      
           These climatic requirements limit the areas where truffles    
           from southern Europe can be grown in North America to         
           southern parts of the Midwest, northern parts of the          
           Southeast, parts of the Mid Atlantic States and a long        
           strip along the West Coast in California, Oregon and          
           Washington. Other areas may be suitable, including parts of   
           Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Southwest British Columbia. If    
           your area is not mentioned, but you feel that it has a        
           relatively mild climate, please contact us. We can look up    
           climate data from your region. In areas with marginally       
           acceptable climates measures can be taken to mitigate         
           microclimatic conditions, including mulching, increasing or   
           decreasing plantation density, choice of site aspect and      

 I do not know if these are the same inoculum that Sharon used.
Hardiness varies. May wish to speak directly with her.

Contact: Sharon Day at 919-742-1200 or 919-623-3504.

Betsy Hilborn

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