[NAFEX] Identifying a pear

Deb S debs913 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 08:53:05 EST 2011

Goats are one of my secrets for killing trees.  They got the Comice that was
actually big enough to do something.  The others, well mostly they just
never grew!  Pears do grow here, I have a neighbor with three large trees
that produce most years (although last year fireblight really hurt his
trees).  He's not a fruit person--they were there when he got the place, so
no info on rootstock.

Varieties I've tried--Ure, Warren, Comice, Atlantic, Magness and several
others I'd have to look up.  All the pears I've had have been from Raintree
Nursery--whatever their rootstock is, maybe I need to go somewhere else
(although I have many other Raintree trees that are doing great).

I'll probably try pears again some day...or maybe graft some known varieties
to my wild tree.


On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 10:00 PM, Kieran &/or Donna
<holycow at frontiernet.net>wrote:

> Deb,
>   Kieffers are russetted over green/yellow, and can be gritty, and if they
> overcrop they can be small.  But if the fruit was round, apple shaped, it
> could be pure or at least nearly pure pyrifolia.  It could be a seedling
> tree.  I'd be very curious as to what varieties you tried to grow.  Maybe
> you just needed something a lot more blight resistant than what you bought.
> Or I suppose you could be a bit too far north for calleryana rootstock, and
> all those you planted happened to come on it.  Or you planted dwarf trees,
> on quince, and they died from blight or apple borers.
>   Actually, I'm not sure I've managed to kill any pears yet, something I
> might need to be able to do someday in the future.  What's your secret?
> Donna
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