[NAFEX] hops question

Mark Lee mark.lee.phd at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 12:41:02 EST 2011

I'm calling hops a fruit. Hop vines produce little cones, so they are a
fruit, right :-)

I am experimenting with hops grown from seed. Like my more mature, all
female, named varieties, all but one of my seedling vines are dormant. Too
cold to trigger any growth. However, I have one seedling that is somehow
going against the grain. Always one in a crowd that doesn't want to conform.
This odd ball seedling vine has already started to grow. It has been a mild
winter here in Seattle. We had snow and temps in the teens back in November,
but lows have hovered in the upper 20's and lower 40's since then. If this
early trait holds next year, it might be a characteristic to help extend the
growing season here in cool Seattle area, as long as it doesn't get bitterly
cold again. Has anyone else ever experimented with hops and noticed this

-Mark Lee, Seattle, buds swelling on the pluot and ume boshi plum, bright

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