[NAFEX] orchard+pigs+chickens

Deb S debs913 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 21:12:09 EST 2011

On hogs in orchards see http://goo.gl/Dwnm6 (The Horitculturist by Andrew
Jackson Downing)

and http://goo.gl/pbgsf  (The Cultivator, Volume 2 By New York State
Agricultural Society letter to editor)

and http://goo.gl/JL8Vt (Station bulletin, Issues 121-138 By Oregon State
Agricultural College. Experiment Station)

Keeping poultry in orchards http://goo.gl/EgneE (Poultry world, Volumes 5-6
bottom of page 192)

http://goo.gl/fPUEl (Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England By
Royal Agricultural Society of England)

If you go to http://books.google.com and input the following search, there
are several more references--most full text, some more current available for

(poultry OR chickens OR geese OR ducks OR turkeys OR guineas OR hogs OR
pigs) AND  orchards

deb (former librarian ;)

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