[NAFEX] The apple forests of Almaty

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Ahhh -  IF ONLY we had those original two trees!!

But they exist only in a computer model.
And my experience with tracing back lineages, assuming sexual crossing of genetic material, always leads to two original specimens of whatever species is being studied.

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>...loaded with heterozygosity! (if there be such a term)
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>> Why should it be surprising? All the human genetics are from just two 
>> people.
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>> How is it possible that most of apple genetics are from two trees?
>> "And here is the most amazing thing yet: These apple trees are the
>> source of all apples in the world! The results of a genetic
>> sequencing of the trees by researchers* show that the apple forests of
>> Kazakhstan are without a doubt the birthplace of the apple. In fact,
>> at this point, it looks like 90% of the world's apples are descendants
>> of just two trees."
>> ~mIEKAL
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