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We are not organic, but we do use chickens in our orchard.  They are free range and have access to the orchard at all times.  We have found that it does decrease the insect populations.

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Subject: [NAFEX] orchard+pigs+chickens
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I'm looking for specific information about using pigs and chickens (and/or ducks, turkeys, guineas, etc.) for orchard floor management (controlling vegetation under trees) and insect control in an organic orchard.  Does anyone know of resources or people they could point me toward where I might learn more about that?  I read of an organic orchard co-op in Wisconsin where they're doing that and I've found and heard brief mentions here and there of other instances that are all void of details, but I need some more specific "how-to" information about replicating it.  I even read about the U. of MI doing research in this field, but I still can't track down any details.

Thanks for any leads,

-Leslie / NE Oklahoma
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