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Amelia Hayner abhayner at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 08:37:02 EST 2011

I don't know about the whole list, but what I CAN tell you is... do NOT
believe anyone that tells you that sheep won't eat bark, like a goat. Yes,
they will. When the sap is rising, in the spring- they are right there..
And the bad thing about turkeys, is that sometimes, occasionally, they want
to roost in inopportune places.
like the top of a fence post, or a weak branch. If you had a couple of
really fat pet turkeys, that are strictly ground-type birds, they should be
and pigs love to scratch their shoulders on trees. If you happen to see some
lucky pigs, in a natural setting- you will notice that all trees in the
enclosure are dead, or dying. Look closer, and see that they have been
girdled, by scratching pigs.
I would encourage you to check out silky chickens.
the older types, not show birds, that can actually see.
they are small, almost totally flightless, and they DO scratch, but only on
surface, they don't have the muscle to dig down deep.

On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 2:34 AM, Leslie Moyer <unschooler at lrec.org> wrote:

> I'm looking for specific information about using pigs and chickens (and/or
> ducks, turkeys, guineas, etc.) for orchard floor management (controlling
> vegetation under trees) and insect control in an organic orchard.  Does
> anyone know of resources or people they could point me toward where I might
> learn more about that?  I read of an organic orchard co-op in Wisconsin
> where they're doing that and I've found and heard brief mentions here and
> there of other instances that are all void of details, but I need some more
> specific "how-to" information about replicating it.  I even read about the
> U. of MI doing research in this field, but I still can't track down any
> details.
> Thanks for any leads,
> -Leslie / NE Oklahoma
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