[NAFEX] Citrus Question and Medlar Question

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
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Is it possible they had a ponderosa lemon tree?  These lemons are larger
than normal, and have very thick rinds.
As to the dryness of the fruit, fruits can dry out if they are left too long
on the tree.  Some citrus hold well for a fairly long time, while others
have a short harvest window.
Michele in Ohio
..where my Meyer lemons are ripe indoors...

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My parents had 2 large lemon trees in a shaded part of their yard.
Remarkably, they fruited despite the lack of sun. However, they had large
rinds and semi-dry pulp inside. I checked to see if the rootstocks had
overtaken the grafted varieties but that was not the case. I didn't see any
scale on the tree.

My mom had my dad cut the trees down and I bought her a Meyer Lemon for her
birthday. However, I'm worried about whether what was wrong with the trees
was soil-borne. Is it likely it was something caused by insects in the
blossom? Or are there soil-borne diseases we need to be worried about?
Because my parents will likely want to plant citrus in that same spot.

Unexpectedly got ahold of some medlar scionwood. Unfortunately, I have no
pear, medlar or quince rootstock. I was curious - is apple rootstock was
compatible with medlar?


Megan Lynch

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