[nafex ibiblio list] Cornelian-cherry (C. mas) varieties

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Fri Dec 30 18:21:23 EST 2011

I tried a Cornus mas as the Lehman Orchard: one out of 2 hand-fulls was excellent - same shrub-tree; all the rest were tart, astringent, etc.

I had a single fruit off of my C. mas 'Yellow' [TM] cv. 'Yantarnii' - it was very good, and tasted very much different from the one at Mr. Lehman's orchard.

I'm considering getting Pioneer (cv. Lykyanovskii) - as it has a very good reputation; 'Red Star' also has a good reputation, but I think it said to an unreliable cropper.

I have room for two, but for another - it might be a waste-of-space...

The variety is known as 'Black Plum' (from John Gordon): Lee Reich told me that it's his favorite, of those he's so far tried.

Anyone else try 'Black Plum' - I can see the yellow being different in taste, but I wonder if there's a difference between the selections of red-fruited and, also, black-plum. 

As for the unselected ones, they taste like cranberries.



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