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For those of you not familiar with the Horne Creek Farm Historic Site west of Winston-Salem, NC, see http://www.nchistoricsites.org/horne/horne.htm

The orchard is on the Horne Creek Farm property and is being very well managed by Jason Bowen.  I have copied Jason on this email in case you wish to contact him.  He has excellent records on all the apple varieties in the orchard.  They hope to set up a roadside stand in the next year or two to sell apples.  The orchard is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday and it is FREE.

Jim Nottke

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>I think most of you "apple people" know Lee Calhoun. Several years ago
>(actually more than that) Lee supplied hundreds of southern heirloom apple
>trees he grafted from his orchard to a North Carolina historic site:  Horne
>Creek Farm (http://www.nchistoricsites.org/horne/horne.htm  An article
>about the apple orchard is at
> The orchard is not well known, and is not located at the main site.  But
>it is, or at least was, open to the public.  The idea was to preserve the
>apples, some of which I don't think existed  outside of Lee's orchard.  I'm
>not sure, but at one time I'd heard that they eventually would be able to
>supply small quantities of scions.
>This is a "sort of" governmental site:  there is a deer proof fence around
>the orchard, which I believe the state paid for as well as provided the
>land; Lee donated his time and the trees.  And, used to go there annually
>to prune the trees.  Some of the apples are indeed not endangered, others
>are or used to be.  But they represent a small, localized slice of the
>And, I worry about what might happen to Lee's collection.  While I
>sincerely hope he is around for a long, long time the reality is that he is
>not young.  I have no idea what arrangements might have been made regarding
>his collection. As recently as a year ago he was still collecting, finding
>trees he had looked for over a very long period of time, he published a
>second edition of his book recently.
>But as you say there do not appear to be comprehensive and verified
>germplasm repositories in many countries, nor an interest on the
>governmental level.
>On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 12:52 PM, <david.maxwell at dal.ca> wrote:
>> This raises a larger issue.  There are government-sponsored germplasm
>> repositories in most
>> countries, (some better than others), whose mission is precisely this.
>>  Where does support
>> from the public purse end and the responsibility of private afficionados
>> take up?  (Just
>> parethetically, I don't think there is any risk of Ben Davis, Gravenstein,
>> or Fameuse (Snow)
>> being lost, and they would hardly rate as either "rarest" or "most
>> valuable" apple varieties, in
>> my opinion.  But then I am getting to be an old curmudgeon.)  I am much
>> more concerned by
>> what might happen to the collections maintained by people like Nick
>> Bottner, which truly are
>> unique and valuable.
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>> > Subject: Please Help Us Preserve Historic Apple Varieties
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>> >
>> > Help us protect 350 of our country's rarest and most valuable apple
>> varieties.
>> > Have you considered Seed Savers Exchange for your year-end donations? We
>> thank you for your membership and continued support!
>> >
>> > In October, Seed Savers Exchange broke ground on an expansion of our
>> > Historic Apple Orchard that will help us protect over 350 of our
>> > country's rarest and most valuableapple varieties. Like all of our
>> > preservation efforts here at Heritage Farm, we are depending on your
>> > generous support to make this project a reality.
>> >
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