[nafex ibiblio list] Question, why drop of member numbers

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 21 10:20:50 EST 2011

I would add to that, that the sense of community available through the  
old NAFEX newsletter is now better available through means such as  
this list. Whereas before we could communicate a few times a year  
through the newsletter, plus once a year in person for those who were  
able to get to the meetings: now we can communicate daily if we feel  
like it.

However, in gaining this we lose the members who are not online (and  
shifting the print Pomona to the web made that problem much worse.)

  And we should remember that this list is not free to maintain: it  
takes Lawrence's time and ibiblio's servers and the power to run them.  
Whether over the internet as a whole or on a case-by-case basis, a  
form of compensation for these things needs to be worked out;  
otherwise, we'll eventually be left with nothing but the advertising- 
ridden, often poorly-handled alternatives such as Yahoo.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale

On Dec 21, 2011, at 8:08 AM, jwlehman at aol.com wrote:

> Most people will not voluntarily pay for information by purchasing
> membership when it is available free. The Internet with gargantuan  
> amounts of free
> information makes many organizations obsolete, minimizing the  
> usefulness of
> such as NAFEX that were born by the need to share experience and  
> research.
> Then consider the cost to attend. For northern and midwest members to
> attend this past meeting would have cost totally about $900 plus 2  
> to 4 days
> travel time. Little incentive to retain membership when attendance  
> is practical
> only every two years or less.

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