[nafex ibiblio list] NAFEX fora

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 20 19:55:44 EST 2011

On 12/20/2011 6:47 PM, Chris Garriss wrote:

> Over time this list has "evolved".  The majority of the list
> members - including some of the most frequently posting ones that offer a
> tremendous amount of help may not be members of the North American Fruit
> Explorers.   Eliminating them from the list would be an ill conceived move
> - and might well push people away from joining the organization.

Very true.

> In addition to the web site and forums the organization has created,  they
> could set up a more "user friendly" list in addition to the forums.   And

I explained how they could do that, by paying for webhosting that offers 
Mailman lists. They could then, subscribers willing, copy the entire 
message archives from this list, month by month and incorporate them 
into their new list's archives. They are simple Unix mail text files - 
have a unique header-message separator preceeding each concatenated 
message. They would have then what we have here and could make it 
private, members only. An alternative would be to run forum software 
that offers bidirectional email access to eliminate website logins for 
use. It might be a job incorporating this list's archives into one of 
those though. The whole thing being private would preclude any Google 
searching. Nafex should use this list to best advantage and there are 
many ways that can be accomplished. I am willing to put in the time to 
promote NAFEX full tilt to help increase membership, financial stability 
and global visibility.

> it could be a closed list.  But, I don't think, from what I've heard off
> and on the list, that a majority of the users here would move.

No reason to but its apples and oranges; their forum and associated 
resources stand on their own merit and provide benefits to members.

This list is a rare thing and a great resource for everyone.

> The openness of this list is one of the major reasons it is as dynamic as
> it is.  Look around, there is a widespread,  not universal,  move towards
> open community and communication.

I agree.


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