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Idell Weydemeyer iwgarden at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 20 15:14:57 EST 2011

 a very clear answer- -thank you.
If the only real concern with our current list group is the ability to
restrict to members (if that is something wanted to help NAFEX membership)
then your answer tells that that may be possible. 


I am on several yahoo groups and one Google group-- they all work well for
me but the problem with the archives has not come up-- I simply save what I
want at the time-- and make  a summary of the data  I want to word documents
so I do not have to look at 10 emails-- and deleted everything else. I do
not keep thousands of e-mails and use a special search feature like some
friends do --even the thought of that makes me want to run away!


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What would be the benefit of yahoo?

I can tell you one problem with yahoo:  If you use a yahoo group they own
all the content, and it's very hard to get it "out" again. That's why the
archive came from my hard-drive and not from yahoo when the list moved.

By the way, the mailing list started somewhere else, and the somewhere else
was purchased by yahoo. Yahoo was never a comfortable host for nafex.

If the goal is to restrict membership on this list to paid-up members of
NAFEX, I believe that can be done on ibiblio. This appears to be an ordinary
"mailman" mailing list. I have administered other mailman lists, and the
list owner can screen members before allowing them to join, and can remove
members at any time. I personally think it would be unwise to do that, but
(Lawrence, correctme if I am wrong) that can be done without making any real
changes to the list.

Typed with Swype. Who knows what I intended to say?

Idell Weydemeyer <iwgarden at earthlink.net> wrote:

>How long ago was the tryout for Yahoo? Have any conditions changed?
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>On 12/20/2011 11:08 AM, david.maxwell at dal.ca wrote:
>> of NAFEX).  They lucked into ibiblio as a host for their new forum.
>(Ibiblio has nothing
>> whatsoever to do with NAFEX, or indeed any other of the hundreds of
>special interest groups
>> who use their - free -  service.  It is a public service run by "a
>collaboration of the Center for
>> the Public Domain and The University of North Carolina - Chapel
>They take no interest
>> in the actual content, but provide the infrastructure to host the
>and distribution of this
>> content.  Now, the forum was to serve the function of information
>for NAFEX
>> members, so it was, quite reasonably, named "nafex.iblio".  However,
>to the nature of
>> ibiblio, which is completely open, subscriptions to the forum were
>restricted to dues-
>The original NAFEX forum was on Yahoo which turned out not to be a very
>useful host. After talking with Greg Miller and Ginda Fisher I 
>volunteered to have ibiblio create a new mailing list for NAFEX to 
>replace the one at Yahoo. Ginda sent me the message archives and I sent
>those to ibiblio who created the list and installed the archives for us
>to build on. I started the list and share ownership of it. ibiblio
>it. ibiblio has no involvement with any of their lists other than
>sure they work properly and are secure and backed up and are used
>legal bounds.
>> Now we get to the meat.  My own feeling is that a listserv serves
>specific need better
>> than a web-based forum which requires logging in, and Midfex might be
>to let NAFEX
>> be the test of this.  That is, wait awhile before going down this
>and see whether NAFEX
>> actually can make a go of it.  And, no, "the NAFEX administrator" is
>planning anything
>> one way or another in terms of keeping the iblio forum going, because
>is not hers to
>> exercise any control of.  It belongs to ibiblio, and they have
>incentive to make any
>> changes, nor expressed intention of doing so.
>ibiblio exercises no control over their lists other than technical and 
>legal. In other words ibiblio has no involvement with this list other 
>than that. They have neither the time or staff to oversee the day to
>workings of their lists. Also, they are currently not accepting any
>requests for lists to be hosted by them, so, what is there now is all 
>there ever will be and the names of those existing lists can not be 
>changed; they either continue or are deleted at the request of list 
>owners. Everything else is the responsibility of the list owners, in 
>this case I and one other person, as Sherwin owns his.
>> And, as a wholly gratuitous comment, my personal feeling is that
>(and Midfex!) might
>> be better carving out a "market" in things that are not served by any
>other entity, rather than
>> trying to compete for a function that may be better served by some
>There are plenty of ways that this list can collaborate and cooperate 
>with NAFEX for its benefit as well as that of the list community. I
>written Deb about this, posted here, and am ready to do whatever is
>Using this list (mailing list, forum, listserv, etc.) is accomplished 
>using three simple procedures:
>1) point your email to the mailing list or privately to any subscribers
>2) point your web browser to the message archives at the list homepage
>3) point your search criteria to the Google search box in your web
>Another fruit-less post.
>Merry Christmas to all.
>Lawrence London
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