[NAFEX] NAFEX question - Very sorry to see NAFEX in present stae.

jeff linuxasm at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 19:02:20 EST 2011

On 12/17/2011 06:38 AM, Deb Schneider wrote:
> If you have positive ideas for NAFEX or want to volunteer, feel free
> to contact me, any Board member or officer, or drop a note to Jackie
> if you want to contribute to Pomona.

My preference is for NAFEX to embrace this list and use it for reminders 
and a membership drive.  Think of it as free advertising.  I let my 
membership lapse a few years ago and could not find motivation to 
rejoin.  Would a NAFEX manual that summaries the information on this 
list be a incentive to join?  It could be a PDF file that is updated by 
volunteers?  Another incentive would be plant lists that fit various 
areas.  I've found many fruit trees are very fussy about location.  It 
is very difficult to find good information about trees adapted to a 
area.  Most of my neighbors grow what they find in nurseries.   They 
miss out on a lot of superior trees.  I keep a list of trees that failed 
here and it is much longer than my successes.  Another important piece 
of information is how well trees do without care.  Some trees need to be 
sprayed and others manage to survive.  This would be very useful 

We have a local fruit organization which provides some of this 
information, but a national focus would help identify new plants and 
cover more plant niches.

Jeff, Oregon zone 7

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