[NAFEX] facebook - likes - fans

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Sat Dec 17 17:13:22 EST 2011

Dear Squad;
I've also learned a ton from Nafex, and shared a ton, too.
I'm all for exploring new ideas that will forward the cause, but........
As an engineering manager, I've always given my guys 'new ideas' a simple test before they are implemented.
1.     Does this idea make the product work better?
2.     Does this idea reduce the cost of the product?
Failure to answer 'YES' to either of these questions 'freezes' the new idea until a 'YES' appears.
So I ask all of you; What does 'Facebook' / Blogs bring to the Nafex table?
Does it pass the 'new idea' test?

R A Murphy Jr 		 	   		  

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