Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 13:40:06 EST 2011

I am also a 2 decade NAFEX member and still a fan.  Lately I haven't made
the annual meetings just because my wife is not interested in a midwest
vacation- we can't afford a lot of vacation time so it has to please both
of us.   Has to be either west or east coast for us to make it.  I wish
they'd stop having most of them in the same general region of the country
just because I miss attending.

Because my involvement is now limited to this site, I'm not even sure that
I'm currently a member.  I'm so out of it, the split being discussed here
is new information for me.

I can't complain about the current direction of NAFEX, even if I had
complaints, because I'm too busy running my business to contribute enough
input into the organization to give me the right.  Viva la NAFEX!

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