[NAFEX] NAFEX question - Very sorry to see NAFEX in present stae.

Deb Schneider debs913 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 09:38:20 EST 2011

I think there are an awful lot of good things about NAFEX that people
need to remember.  First and foremost, it has brought together a
wealth of experience and interest in fruit growing...I would not know
much at all if not for the kindness and sharing of other NAFEX

You know, NAFEX is not a business nor is it some sort of personal
project.  It's a membership of people sharing their interests.  I've
said all along if you want to see changes in how NAFEX operates then
participate...run for office, volunteer, contribute.  Anyone can sit
on the Board, for example, just as anyone can contribute to Pomona.

The decline in membership numbers directly relates to the explosion of
information on the Internet--not to some failing of the organization.
So we at NAFEX need to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant and useful.
 The new website, the membership system, online Pomona, the forum are
all ways us volunteers have come up with to try help.  Some may not
appeal to everyone, and that is fine!  But rather than fire negatives,
why not contribute in a positive way?

BTW, after a drop when Pomona went online, we have seen a steady
INCREASE in membership...with a lot of new people joining, often for
multiple years.  We have more than 100 Facebook fans and that's
growing too...and I hope we'll connect Facebook with the website
better in the upcoming year. It may not be your cup of tea, but others
love it, and if it brings in more knowledge and experience, I am all
for it!

If you have positive ideas for NAFEX or want to volunteer, feel free
to contact me, any Board member or officer, or drop a note to Jackie
if you want to contribute to Pomona.

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