[NAFEX] Van Well nursery

anton ptak antonptak at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 17:49:35 EST 2011

hi meikal - i've ordered from them a few years ago.  more or less i'll 
second the opinions already offered - limited selection for what i'm 
looking for, but quality trees at a good price and they were very nicely 
feathered and quite good size.  most if not all of the trees i ordered 
had some level of cropping in year 2.  one variety had problems and i 
ended up losing one the first year (which they replaced) and two more 
the second.  so 4-5 problem trees out of 50 trees, but at their prices i 
think that's not an issue and i'd order from them again if i can find 
what i'm looking for.

anton ptak
zone 4a w. wisc

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