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Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Fri Dec 16 08:45:31 EST 2011

David, I agree on the fuzzy kiwis, they have also been one of the most positive surprises for me in Maryland.  I have yet to lose a crop due to freeze or have any winter dieback on them, and they are highly prolific and tasty.  I have had good luck getting Saanichton to harvest in time; I harvest them in mid-November and put them in the fridge until February, at which point they are delicious.  Elmwood I have heard likes a somewhat longer season; mine died and I didn't replace it.  Several other fuzzy varieties I had required too long of a season, so it is important to get varieties with short seasons.  Exbury and Blake are two other varieties with supposedly shorter seasons but they have not fruited for me yet.

I am also thinking of re-planting some muscadines.  They generally did OK for me but every few years I got significant dieback on some varieties.  I expect there are a few varieties more hardy which would do fine.  I pulled them because they were in too shady a spot and were never going to fruit.

Scott z7 MD

On Dec 14, 2011, at 8:12 AM, David Consolvo wrote:

> To cover my bases, I've been looking somewhat south as well for what other people 
> grow, in case steady warming continues.  The jury is still out for me so far on 
> southern pecans and muscadine grapes.  There's been mixed success with various 
> figs and Asian persimmons.  The big success has been fuzzy kiwifruit; for a couple 
> of years now the production from just two vines has been so prolific I've had 
> enough extra to sell the only local fuzzies in Charlottesville.  Heck, I can only eat 
> several bushels per winter.  
> Thanks to Michael McConkey at Edible Landscaping for the short-season varieties 
> Elmwood and Saanichton.
> ~David Consolvo
> Hungrytown, Virginia 
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