[NAFEX] Looking South

David Consolvo fruitopia at firstva.com
Wed Dec 14 08:12:21 EST 2011

To cover my bases, I've been looking somewhat south as well for what other people 
grow, in case steady warming continues.  The jury is still out for me so far on 
southern pecans and muscadine grapes.  There's been mixed success with various 
figs and Asian persimmons.  The big success has been fuzzy kiwifruit; for a couple 
of years now the production from just two vines has been so prolific I've had 
enough extra to sell the only local fuzzies in Charlottesville.  Heck, I can only eat 
several bushels per winter.  

Thanks to Michael McConkey at Edible Landscaping for the short-season varieties 
Elmwood and Saanichton.

~David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia 

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