[NAFEX] Sour cherry cultivars for zone 6b/7a

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Is Fruchtbare available anywhere. I'm having trouble finding Ken 
Taylor's nursery on the internet and wondering, even if he has it, if it 
can be shipped to the States.

Our big issue here in NM is late frosts and a variety that flowers 9 
days after Montmorency could be a great deal.



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On 12/13/2011 1:31 AM, Douglas Woodard wrote:
> The classic sour cherry of North America is Montmorency, an amarelle
> (yellow flesh, light coloured juice) which dominates commercial
> plantings in Michigan and in the Niagara Peninsula. I hear good things
> about English Morello, a smaller tree. Some mostly less hardy recent
> introductions from Europe are listed by Cummins Nursery.
> The late Henri Bernard of Quebec thought well of Fruchtbare von Michurin
> (name translates roughly as Michurin's Prolific, I think a Morello (dark
> juice) of Russian origin), supposed to flower 9 days after Montmorency.
> Ken Taylor of Montreal reports it extremely regular in bearing even
> after the test winter of 1994-95. Vineland Station here tells me the
> flesh tends to stick to the pit. Dr. Amy Iezzoni (Michigan State U.?)
> had it in the collection there.
> Re the U. Saskatchewan dwarf cherries, it gets hot on the Canadian
> prairies. The main climatic difference aside from daylength would likely
> be humidity in New Jersey. I think they would be worth testing if you
> have a little space and money to spare.
> Doug Woodard
> St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
> Zone 6b/7a
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>> I just learned that, perhaps, planting an 'Evans' (aka 'Bali') sour cherry
>> (P. cerasus) in zones warmer then 4 or 5 might result in a tree which is a
>> failure: less productive and more prone to insects ruining the fruit - that
>> there would not be enough chill hours.
>> Hopefully, my 'North Star' will be fine.
>> What is a sour cherry that is not a hybrid (i.e. w/P. tomentosa) that would
>> be good for zone 6b/7a?
>> Lastly, speaking on sour cherry hybrids, does anyone think that the SK dwarf
>> sour cherry series will do ok for me, or too hot here?
>> Thanks,
>> Steve; NJ 6b/7a
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