[NAFEX] Parafilm

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Thu Dec 8 20:10:49 EST 2011

> Does anyone have comments / instructions of any kind for using Parafilm 
> grafting?  I've never used / attempted to use it, and someone has offered
> to give me some to try.  I'd really appreciate any input or experience 
> that anyone has.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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I echo what Hector & Lucky wrote. Parafilm is wonderful stuff. After 
stretching, then wrapping such as when doing a splice or whip & tongue the scion 
is sealed from evaporation loss. The clean overlapped stretched film anneals 
to itself producing one solid coverage. Maybe 30 minutes after wrapping one 
can't unwind it, it is solid. And don't worry about taking it off, it falls 
off with time. I usually use a grafting rubber to hold the scion and 
understock firmly together, then wrap. In that case one needs to return and release 
the rubber or it can girdle. The Parafilm blocks UV and the rubber doesn't 
disintegrate. Even when doing a bark graft I completely cover with Parafilm. 
Once I made a June bark walnut graft and covered completely. It was 
bleeding and two weeks later the bud hadn't swelled and the bleeding had stopped. 
So I removed the scion piece which was still very much alive. I cut off about 
1 inch off the understock, re-cut the scion wood and placed back on and 
once again covered. It took! The scion had not dehydrated any in the June 
temperatures and open sun location. 


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