[NAFEX] petunia volunteers [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

ADAMSON, Karl Karl.Adamson at apvma.gov.au
Wed Dec 7 18:22:14 EST 2011


I grow trailing varieties.  Its hits -8c where I am and they are on the veranda in hanging baskets so maybe a bit of protection.  They die back in the winter but resprout in the spring from seemingly dead stalks.  They are weaker in their second year. But they still give a good showing. You can also use them for cuttings in the spring but watch the mildew.

If its colder where you are maybe just cover them with a bit of soil to protect them some more.

The seedlings are SO slow to get going, but they do provide for a continual renewal of plants and yes the F2's are all over the place in terms of colour and form. But they are still lovely plants in hanging baskets.

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