[NAFEX] Krymsk Rootstocks

Bob Hartman hartmansfruit at msn.com
Sun Dec 4 17:27:11 EST 2011

I had this same problem with the Krymsk 5 rootstock but after getting the 
virus free scionwood they worked fine.  I know I have been happier with the 
St Julian A rootstock than I have been with the Krymsk 1 rootstock.  Not 
sure about the virus problem with the plum as I have been with the Krymsk 5. 
I suppose that could be true with the virus problem too with the plum.

Western Washington

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Just a note on the Krymsk rootstocks - I've had fairly poor luck with
viruses on them, I believe.  Most seem to take fine, but I lost the
majority of the Krymsk-5 cherry grafts in 2010 and also the Krymsk-1
plum and apricot grafts this year (lost the whole plant, not just the
graft).  Might be worthwhile to order certified virus free scionwood if
you'll be experimenting with these.

Zone 4a W. Wisconsin

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