[NAFEX] Krymsk Rootstocks

Bob Hartman hartmansfruit at msn.com
Sun Dec 4 01:14:09 EST 2011

You can get the Krymsk 1 plum rootstock from Raintree Nursery in small 
quantities.  In the past they have had the Krymsk 5 cherry rootstock in 
small quantities but I don't see it in their list this year.  Go to 
www.treeconnect.com to see the descriptions of the Krymsk rootstocks, both 
cherry and plum.
Western Washington

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From: Chris Garriss
Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2011 9:19 PM
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Subject: [NAFEX] Krymsk Rootstocks

Does anyone know of a source, or sources, for the Krymsk rootstocks?  I'm
looking for 10 - 20 to experiment with.

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