[NAFEX] North Carolina

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu Dec 1 19:23:03 EST 2011

I'll be moving to Charlotte next summer. Anybody here nearby? Any planting

My Sacramento home is zone 9. I have little trouble with zone 10a plants. I
know I'm dropping to 7 (goodbye, fresh citrus :-( ). I had a large
garden/small farmlet in a Mediterranean zone 7 before, so I'll have at least
some familiarity, but the lack of dry summers will be new. We will have more
land - our suburban plot is a third of an acre; we're looking at 2/3 to 7¾
acres there so far. 

Love it here where I am, have a lakeside cabin in the Sierra that's
incredibly gorgeous, we can grow about anything, and I love and seem to need
the Pacific and the great Western national and state parks. We have terribly
mixed feelings. 

~ Stephen

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