[NAFEX] Slideshow Video of Pitahaya Field Day 2011

Idell Weydemeyer iwgarden at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 30 11:22:41 EDT 2011

Thanks Megan--a good you tube--and of course Ed Valdiva (shown several
times) is such a mover on Dragon Fruit-- I was able to tour his garden at
the last Festival of Fruit in Los Angeles in 2010 --all of his are in 5 and
10 gallon pots--not in the ground. He developed some of his own varieties
and the taste of all of them vary. 

They are climbing cacti native to the tropical forests of Mexico, Central
America and parts of South America, where they are called pitahaya. They got
the Dragon Fruit name after they  were introduced by the French in South
East Asia.

If someone wants a similar (but in my opinion, a stronger more interesting
flavor if allow to ripen to point of splitting), grow a cereus cactus. They
do better apparently with cross pollination.
http://www.tradewindsfruit.com/peruvian_apple_cactus.htm . This is the new
name for what used to be called Cereus peruviana. Mine froze after a week of
around 20 degrees but have taken down to 25 well for years (in the ground).
They grow easily in a pot but do become larger-- larger than dragon fruit.
If you live anywhere near here, you can come by and get a stem cutting. 

Idell Weydemeyer in El Sobrante (San Francisco Bay Area) zone 9B

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Someone has kindly edited and uploaded a slideshow video of South Coast
Research Stations Pitahaya Field Day 2011.

Megan Lynch

South Pasadena, CA Zone 9
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