[NAFEX] elderberries stem toxicity

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It would be interesting to see an analysis of the elderberry goo
compound.  I wonder if the toxicity is part of what gets bound up in
the goo in the juicing process.  The goo sticks to everything along
the way, the primary, the juicer, siphons, so by the time it gets in a
bottle there is very little sign of it.  I flunked chemistry in high
school so I'm just wondering out loud.

As for removing it.  The link I posted worked for surfaces where I
could rub oil on it first & then scrub vigorously with a lot of soap &
water.  The oil seems to break it down.  This process won't work for
the inside of siphons & for my glass secondary tho...  At last I got
the primary bucket clean enough to fill it with another load of
elderberry must.


On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 9:56 PM, Jay Cutts <orders at cuttsreviews.com> wrote:
> I once got violently ill after eating elderberries right off the bush.
> Days later, when I had finally recovered, I did some research and found
> that the elderberry stems contain a toxin. I had stripped the berries
> right off the clusters with my teeth (Ok, it was really hot out and I
> was really parched and I didn't have the patience to pick one berry at a
> time.)
> Any run into this? When  you mentioned bits of stem being included I
> thought of this.
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> Jay
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