[NAFEX] Isons muscadine

Elizabeth Hilborn ehilborn at mebtel.net
Sat Aug 27 16:04:23 EDT 2011

I would like to thank whomever recommended this variety to me three 
years ago. My one vine is in its first year of bearing. So far, it has 
been a vigorous plant with minimal Japanese Beetle damage; certainly 
less than my /Actinidia arguta/ this year. It has been easy to train and 
is self fruitful.

The berries are dark purple/black, large, juicy and have a very sweet, 
delicious muscadine flavor. They are coming ripe now for me, but not all 
at once. There are ripe fruit next to partially ripe and green fruit in 
the same cluster.

I am experimenting with uses right now.  When I eat them fresh I 
generally do not eat the skin as I find it a bit bitter at the finish 
unless the berry is very soft/mushy ripe.  However, if I seed and dry 
them, the whole fruit, skin included, is candy sweet.

I see the 3 -4 seeds per fruit are small sunflower seed size. They are 
easy to separate from the flesh and look like a good source of oil if I 
wish to press them.

Because they are not ripe all at once, and I do not have large volumes 
of fruit, I have not attempted to make wine. I wonder- can I freeze some 
as I gather them until I have enough fruit for a batch? Have others 
tried this?

I am not a big jam/jelly person. What are some other uses of muscadines 
people can recommend?

Betsy Hilborn
7a central NC

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