[NAFEX] Tree clones from different nurseries grow differently

Alexander Brands abb7 at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Aug 26 14:51:25 EDT 2011

> Miller isn't the only one making a similar claim. I believe St.
> Lawrence does also.
> Raising in a colder climate is not going to change the basic genetics.
> That requires changing the genetic combinations (genotype) generation
> to generation combined with selection.

This is true

> The one thing growing in a cold
> climate does is to provide the stress that helps identify which clones
> are most vulnerable. In the absence of genetic mutations, naturally a
> very slow process, it can only weed out the weakest but not increase
> the strongest. Where the plant is grown is not going to make a
> difference

This may not be true.  In animals, including humans, there is good  
evidence that the behavior and environment of an individual has an  
effect on the phenotype, or characteristics of the offspring.  For  
example, the eating behavior of a person can have an effect on their  
offspring's propensity for obesity, an effect independent of genetics.  
  Google "epigenetics". This is a relatively new field of study in  
biology, and it would not be surprising if more examples are found.   
It's not much of a stretch to suppose a similar effect occurs in  
vegetatively propagated plants.


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