[NAFEX] Tree clones from different nurseries grow differently

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 14:24:03 EDT 2011

I must respectfully disagree, I think it can be done in some situations and we will never know which ones until we try.

Over several years, my FIL gave me at least a dozen of his zone 6 horse chestnuts that he collected in his yard and grew in his garden... and they all died their first winter every single time without even one ever making it through.  On the other hand there is a horse chestnut down town Edmonton (which is a zone 4 on a good year, zone 2 on a bad one).  It is a huge tree and has been there so long its designated a heritage tree and is protected.  There are a bunch of people in this area who have collected seeds from this tree (myself included), grown them and had them thrive well outside of the city where we hit -47C/-52.6F last winter. 

Obviously the Edmonton tree (actually there are a couple trees in the city, I've only been to the famous one because its easy to find!) is not native to this climate so it came from somewhere warmer...  

Perhaps the key is to take seeds from the coldest known zone and move them only 1/2 to 1 zone colder.
zone 3
Edmonton, AB


I seem to remember reading somewhere that Vavilov wound up in Stalin's jail 
partially because he wanted to improve, for one thing, hardiness through 
selective breeding. Trofim D. Lysenco believed plants could be taken north and 
grown in colder climates and they would adapt. Stalin believed him and 
accepted his theory not Vavilov. Vavilov was thrown in jail. When they found it 
doesn't work it was too late to bring Vavilov back as had died in Stalin's 
jail.  http://www.vir.nw.ru/history/vavilov.htm But his follow-up 
organization Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) became to the Soviet Union as 
our USDA is to the US. 

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