[NAFEX] Tree clones from different nurseries grow differently

Richard L. Wagner rewagner at centurytel.net
Fri Aug 26 10:52:48 EDT 2011

Miller isn't the only one making a similar claim. I believe St. 
Lawrence does also. 

Raising in a colder climate is not going to change the basic genetics. 
That requires changing the genetic combinations (genotype) generation 
to generation combined with selection. The one thing growing in a cold 
climate does is to provide the stress that helps identify which clones 
are most vulnerable. In the absence of genetic mutations, naturally a 
very slow process, it can only weed out the weakest but not increase 
the strongest. Where the plant is grown is not going to make a 
difference though how it is grown and harvested may make a difference 
in first season survivability.. 

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