[NAFEX] Tree clones from different nurseries grow differently

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Although it's just one study, when presented this way the claims of northern nurseries might make some sense.  An identical twin raised in a lumberjack household for 20 years and one whose adoptive parents forced him into a life of calligraphy would seem unlikely to make as effective army dudes at 22.  Though I suppose a samurai might dispute that supposition ;-)

Thanks for the link Al

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Alan Haigh <alandhaigh at gmail.com> wrote:

>I'm not sure how this article got into my bookmarks.  I may have even picked
>it up here for later reading but I was trying to get some info on the latest
>events in Libya and this came up.  For years I've ridiculed Miller Nursery
>for suggesting their clones were stronger trees because they were raised in
>a harsher climate.  Now it looks like they may (accidentally ?) be on to
>I apologize if I did pick this up on the NAFEX site, but otherwise you folks
>should find this interesting.
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