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Mon Aug 22 21:02:20 EDT 2011

The fluffy one was one genealogical quest for his ancestors last week when he came across St. Patrick's Church in Clevland. 

Of interest to apple collectors is an apple tree in the church parking lot.  I carefully observed the tree and others and concluded it was probably planted when the first church was erected (St Patrick's was probably the second church on the site or founded after a previous church (i.e the graveyard is much older than the church's founding date).

Anyway the parking lot holds a sweet yellow apple that tasted good even though it was far form ripe.  The tree itself did not show any signs of common diseases, the foliage was lush and outside of insect damage the apples were clean.  I also note the current tree is actually an outer shell with a newer tree having grown up inside it, so wither the top was destroyed in a storm and regrew or it hollowed out and regrew.  But the fruit that appeared to be the old tree appeared the same as the new inner tree.

Even unripe, the apple was very pleasant to taste, sweet and very crisp (I loved the texture) even with the starchy aftertaste.

At any rate< I do not live in the are so I will not be able to obtain scions, but it may be of interest to some of you.

If anyone goes after a scion I would appreciate hearing of it and how it turns out.

Btw St Patrick's is being closed so time may be of the essence.  

Kindest regards,


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