[NAFEX] Question from John S.

Jackie jakuehn at verizon.net
Mon Aug 22 17:41:53 EDT 2011

John, I'm sorry you had to drop your NAFEX membership, and completely understand. You ask a very good question, and I'll forward it to the officers for consideration. My initial response, after thinking it's a good suggestion, is that it would be difficult to agree to, if only because NAFEX, too, has been hit by the hard times--witness you and others needing to let membership lapse! If each issue contains 15-20 articles, and each contributor received free membership in exchange for those articles, NAFEX's income would be reduced by about $1000-1200 a year, which would be quite a hit. If you think of a compromise suggestion, I'd be very glad to hear it and forward it to the officers.

Missing you--I well remember your name from previous articles--

Jacquelyn A. Kuehn


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> Jackie,
> I'm a member of this list, but had to let my NAFEX membership expire when I became out of work a couple of years ago for financial reasons.  I beleive I am not the only one, as things are very tough these days.  I was wondering, would the board be willing to grant memberships for good articles written and accepted for publication in Pomona?  While this policy likely would not solve cost issues, it could be used to build quality of articles, maintain or build membership and show compassion for what it happening in the world today.
> Thanks
> John 

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