[NAFEX] voles

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Sat Aug 20 22:03:04 EDT 2011

My Dreadful experience is only with Meadow Voles.
I consider myself fortunate.
They girdled 24 of 100 trees in 2005. I replanted at great expense / education!
Spiral wraps on baby trees, aluminum window screen on adolescent trees has worked 100%.
My placement of 1 bait block per tree has also yielded a decent 'crop' of Voles each Spring....

When you mow your orchard, start with the outer perimeter and work inward. 
Find a Jack Russel terrier to assist you, and he'll finish the job! Guaranteed!
Ours; we quit counting at 25! One acre.

R A Murphy Jr 		 	   		  

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