[NAFEX] Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

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My losses from the voles here come from them eating all the roots off.  I've 
had tree where above the ground the tree is whole.  The only problem you see 
during the winter time is that the tree is tipped over unless it is staked. 
I've had it where I pull the tree out of the ground and it is like the tree 
was put into a pencil sharpener.  All the roots have been chewed off.  Are 
you saying all your chews are above ground?  I've had some chews above 
ground but 95-99% are below ground level.

Western Washington

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I lost over a 100 nanking cherries to voles 2 years ago.  I've since
tubed them & haven't lost a single one....  Hardware cloth also works
if yr worried about greenhouse effect of tubes..


On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 11:47 AM, David Consolvo <fruitopia at firstva.com> 
> I agree with you Barbara about it being best to plant in late Fall, but if 
> it is a
> species tasty to voles, then the voles have all winter to find it.  Apples 
> are
> particularly susceptible.  And voles seem especially hungry in February 
> and early
> March.
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