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I agree with you Barbara about it being best to plant in late Fall, but if it is a 
species tasty to voles, then the voles have all winter to find it.  Apples are 
particularly susceptible.  And voles seem especially hungry in February and early 

Moreover, dwarfing roots (i.e. weak roots) make it harder for the roots to outpace 
the voles.
~David Consolvo
Hungrytown, VA

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> > When is the best time to transplant deciduous trees/shrubs: Fall or 
>Spring? I figure Fall since there will be days when the temperatures are 
>above 32 F. and root growth can, then, occur; conversely, I would expect 
>spring just in case reduction of feeder roots could be a problem during 
>dry weeks, free of snow cover, when further die-back occurs when the 
>upper-most layer of the ground freezes continually.
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> > Thanks,
> > Steve - NJ 6b/7a
>In the midAtlantic, the weather is unpredictable with sometimes a 
>drought or two, either in winter or in spring.  This is then followed by 
>summer heat and humidity.  In Virginia, we plant in the late fall, (like 
>November-December for apples) hoping that the winter will give the roots 
>enough time to adjust before the tough summer season.
>If you plant in the spring here in 6c/7a Virginia, you have to do a LOT 
>of watering that first year.
>Barbara Rosholdt
>Central Virginia
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