[NAFEX] Pawpaws are not dioecious.

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You've got that right, Jerry,  Pawpaws are not dioescius.  We've done a lot 
of pollinating.  The stigma is ripe first and then the pollen to prevent 
self-fetilization, I presume.  Hector black, zone 6 middle tn.
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>> I'm by no means a pawpaw expert, but my understanding is that
>> they are dioescious, meaning the male &female flowers are on separate
>> trees.
> Hello ~mIEKAL,
> Pawpaws are not dioecious Each flower has male and female parts. However 
> in
> each flower the anthers release pollen after the receptive period of the
> stigma is completed. Also generally the egg and pollen on the same tree 
> are
> not compatible. Two genetically different trees are needed for successful
> pollination.
> Jerry
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